Up to70%

Reduction in travel expenses


Reduction in resolution time for support maintenance


Increase in number of support scenarios handled by workers


Reduction in number of local experts needed for support and training.

XRX Tech delivers real-time remote support to workers in the field and on the factory floor where they can receive voice, video feed and 2D/3D data from manuals, schematics and step-by-step instructions directly to their smart glasses, smartphones, tablet or computer. XRX Tech eliminates the need to switch back and forth between digital and analog, while increasing safety, saving money and time.

Expert advice at the tip of your fingers

  • Guide technical team wherever they are, for Remote Maintenance Troubleshooting and Installation
  • Perform complex tasks by getting step by step instructions directly before your eyes with or without the internet.
  • Log technician activity or critical change over tasks through pictures & videos ensuring quality compliance.
  • Carry out remote inspection of plant sites and machinery
  • Integrate with IoT, SAP, AI, etc. for immediate notifications during jobs
  • 1 Group-100-n Technician encounters issue and logs into XRX Tech
  • 2 Group-98-n Gets step by step procedures on smart glasses
  • 3 Technician places a call to an expert for additional help or information
  • 4 Group-101-n Expert takes live feed of technician and helps as needed.
  • 5 Group-102-n Technician solves problem with the help of remote expert

Salient Features

  • Video and voice support
  • PDF, Video, 3D Models
  • Screen Sharing & Web Browsing
  • Annotations Pins
  • Voice Commands
  • Integration with Entreprise Apps
  • Job & Session Recording
  • Online/Offline Mode
  • IoT Connected

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