Designed to eliminate production environment risks, reduce deviations, drive compliance, and accelerate training cycles for maximum ROI.

XRX Tech replicates your manufacturing processes within a completely secure virtual environment where your workforce can engage with our training content from anywhere and at any time.

XR (VR+AR) Experience
Instructional Design
Learning Objectives Methodology & Content Development
Controls Simulation

Real Time Remote Support


The XRX Tech
Training Environment™

More than merely a virtual reality training platform, XRX Tech replicates your HMI systems and control simulation processes within your training envelope, providing your workforce with the most engaging, life-like immersive training experience.

  • Truly Cross Platform
  • Mobile-First and VR-Ready

Why choose XRX Tech?

Our applications include workforce readiness, real-time remote workforce assistance and support, as well as consumer product simulations across a growing number of commercial sectors including pharmaceutical manufacturing, and warehouse logistics.

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Benefits of XRX Tech

  • Training opportunities where access restrictions make onsite visits difficult
  • Virtual training environments accessible 24/7 from anywhere
  • Eliminate risks of affecting your production environment
  • Provides your workforce with real-time remote support
  • Emergency training in a safe environment limiting the risk of the learner
Benefits of pharmaXR