While Industry 4.0 renders certain manufacturing jobs obsolete, it is also creating new ones that require innovative methods for rapidly and effectively training today’s workforce.

With its emphasis on workforce training and readiness, XRX Tech is the perfect solution for attracting, engaging and retaining a modern manufacturing workforce.

XRX Tech is the only solution that fully integrates XR with HMI simulation training as a single immersive experience designed to enhance and accelerate the training process.

Benefits of XRX Tech Workforce Training

  • Training opportunities where access restrictions make onsite visits difficult
  • Virtual training environments accessible 24/7 from anywhere
  • Eliminate risks of affecting your production environment
  • Provides your workforce with real-time remote support
  • Emergency training in a safe environment limiting the risk of the learner

Many of today’s 4.0 factories are so modern that workforce training is severely lagging, causing a substantial performance gap in the manufacturing sector.

With 86 million tech savvy millennials now making up the largest workforce demographic in the US alone, XRX Tech closes that gap by matching advanced factory production systems and processes with powerful integrated technology-enabled training.

Isn’t it time for you to consider XRX Tech ?

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